Stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel has good resistance to rust, has low repair costs and can have a polished and shiny surface, matte, scratched and.. Have. In addition, due to the high strength of these steels, many large and small industries need to consume.
Grade 304 stainless steel contains nickel (8 to 10%) and chromium (18 to 20%), resulting in excellent corrosion resistance. This alloy has a non-magnetic property which is known in the market as a non-magnetic.
Grade 430 stainless steel contains nickel (0.75%) and chromium (16 to 18%). It also has a magnetic property known as stainless steel, a ferritic stainless steel that has good corrosion resistance in environments. Corrosive contains nitric acid and organic acids.
Stainless steel sheets, known as stainless steel, can be divided into two categories according to their application:

  • Industrial steel sheet
  • Decorative steel sheet

Also, in terms of surface condition, these sheets are divided into three categories:

  • Matte steel sheet (B2)
  • Glossy steel sheet (BA)
  • Crushed steel sheet (No.4)
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