October 2021 crude steel production

crude steel production

World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 145.7 million tonnes (Mt) in October 2021, a 10.6% decrease compared to October 2020.

Crude steel production by region

Africa produced 1.4 Mt in October 2021, up 24.1% on October 2020. Asia and Oceania produced 100.7 Mt, down 16.6%. The CIS produced 8.3 Mt, down 0.2%. The EU (27) produced 13.4 Mt, up 6.4%. Europe, other produced 4.4 Mt, up 7.7%. The Middle East produced 3.2 Mt, down 12.7%. North America produced 10.2 Mt, up 16.9%. South America produced 4.0 Mt, up 12.1%.


The 64 countries included in this table accounted for approximately 98% of total world crude steel production in 2020. Regions and countries covered by the table:

  • Africa: Egypt, Libya, South Africa;
  • Asia and Oceania: Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan (China), Vietnam;
  • CIS: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan;
  • European Union (27)
  • Europe, Other: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey and United Kingdom;
  • Middle East: Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates;
  • North America: Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States;
  • South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Top 10 steel-producing countries

China produced 71.6 Mt in October 2021, down 23.3% on October 2020. India produced 9.8 Mt, up 2.4%. Japan produced 8.2 Mt, up 14.3%. The United States produced 7.5 Mt, up 20.5%. Russia is estimated to have produced 6.1 Mt, down 0.5%. South Korea produced 5.8 Mt, down 1.0%. Germany produced 3.7 Mt, up 7.0%. Turkey produced 3.5 Mt, up 8.0%. Brazil is estimated to have produced 3.2 Mt, up 10.4%. Iran is estimated to have produced 2.2 Mt, down 15.3%.

(World Steel Association, 23 Nov, 2021)

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